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Match your makeup to your horoscope: Here's a beauty forecast for every astrological sign.

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Your sun sign can say a lot about your unique personality and can also help guide you to find your signature look in makeup. I have matched up each astrological sign in the zodiac to a beauty look that best compliments the main personality traits of that particular sign.

If you are an Aries like me, you are active, courageous, independent, leading, pioneering and assertive. A great look for you is to be daring and swipe on a bold red lip color and then walk into a room filled with confidence.

Taurus women are determined, patient, reliable, persistent, warm-hearted and security loving. A strong but well-groomed brow will frame your steady soft eyes and give structure to your face.

If you are a Gemini, you are witty, communicative, eloquent, youthful, versatile and adaptable and can easily change up your makeup routine every season with the new trends. Try playing up your eyes with fun and different eyeshadow colors like blue, green or purple by sweeping the shade across the lid and smudge it under the lower lash line.

Cancer ladies are emotional, loving, intuitive, imaginative, protective and sympathetic and look sweet and romantic when wearing a soft pink blush swirled on the apples of the cheeks in a full flush. Keep the rest of the face almost bare to accentuate that cherub look.

A Leo woman can be dramatic, ambitious, creative, loyal, enthusiastic, and confident, so get all the attention you secretively crave by applying flirty false lashes and lots of black mascara.

Virgos tend to be analytical, helpful, reliable, observant and precise perfectionists that love to create an exact look, so I recommend going for that perfect cat eye using liquid liner. Virgos love to be detail-oriented, so it may help to check out YouTube how-to videos to learn how to get the exact wing at the end of your eyes.

A Libra woman is diplomatic, hospitable, fair, balanced, idealistic and sociable, so go for perfectly even skin with a slight glow. Liquid foundation, a brightening concealer, light powder and Carmindizing the face will keep your skin looking luminously Zen.

A hot Scorpio woman is determined, forceful, magnetic, exciting and passionate and works a room rocking a smoky eye every time. Lot’s of black liner and smoldering shadow brings out her inner seductress.

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Sagittarius chicks are adventurous, freedom loving, jovial, straightforward, philosophical and optimistic. Don’t try and fence this girl in! Let her sweep sunny bronzer on her face to show off the amazing adventure she has recently been on.

A true Capricorn is conventional, realistic, pragmatic, reserved, practical and prudent so a real 5-Minute Face is all it takes for this lady to shine. Think simple makeup and a little tinted lip balm and she’s good to go.

Aquarius people are inventive, accepting, original, sociable, personable and understanding. A real Aqua girl can wear different makeup looks as a fearless way of self expression, and she really doesn’t care what people think. So go for that electric blue eyeliner or hot pink lips, but remember: Just one feature at a time.

Those lovely Pisces girls tend to be romantic, trustworthy, dreamy, understanding, sensitive and compassionate, so wearing soft shimmering shades of brown shadow paired with peachy pink cheeks and lips plays into this girl’s true nature.

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