• Tiny pearls and a lace design add polished flair to a neutral pink manicure with a super shiny finish.
    Photo: Pinned by Stephanie Paholkin via trendy4.com
  • A filigreed nail shield is a gorgeous and unexpected touch—we can all but guarantee you won't be seeing this one on any other brides this wedding season.
    Photo: Pinned by Kellye-Raé Fisher
  • Horizontal stripes are fun and cheeky, but the silver and white color scheme keeps the look polished.
    Photo: Pinned by Neah Alexandra Morton
  • A classic sheer pink gets an upgrade thanks to a dusting of chunky gold glitter across the tips.
    Photo: Pinned by Natia Kacharava
  • For the unconventional—or simply creative!—bride, make your nails your "something blue," and add white heart sketches for a sweet, wedding-appropriate twist.
    Photo: Pinned by Jessica VanGaasbeek via Wedding Party
  • Gold glitter bordering just one side of each nail looks cool and multidimensional.
    Photo: Pinned by Kylie
  • A small triangle of rhinestones in the moon of the nail adds a sparkly touch that's classy and understated rather than over the top.
    Photo: Pinned by Donika Bajrami via glamour.de
  • A nude nail with a sleek chevron pattern done in white is fun and festive.
    Photo: Pinned by Kathryn Sullivan
  • Multicolored glitter over a neutral metallic base hits all the right (read: sparkly) notes.
    Photo: Pinned by Leandra Enos via Vicky Zhao
  • A white lace pattern over pale pink is subtle but still makes a statement.
    Photo: via brides.com
  • If nail art just isn't your thing, a pale, pink-tinged beige never goes out of style.
    Photo: Pinned by Ellen G via The Lacquer Log
  • Polka dots go with everything—yes, including a wedding gown.
    Photo: via Bridal Musings
  • Who needs jewelry when you can wear a flash of gold on your nails?
    Photo: Pinned by Amy Jordan
  • If you're looking for something with an edge to it, try offsetting nude lacquer and rhinestones with tonal leopard print.
    Photo: Pinned by Perlita Morales via Nails Inspiration
  • Tiffany blue tips make way for that "something blue"—and a hint as to what kind of jewelry you'd like in the future. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
    Photo: Pinned by Robin Tucker


15 Unique Wedding Manicure Ideas

15 Unique Wedding Manicure Ideas

Bridal manicures that are anything but boring.

When it comes to your wedding, it’s not enough to make sure your dress and hair are totally perfect: You also need to make sure your nails are looking their best. After all, your hands are basically the stars of the day—you’re putting a ring on your finger, after all!

But fear not: you’re not doomed to boring French Tips for your big day. We’ve rounded up 15 gorgeously stylish manicures that are perfect for your wedding day. Read on to get seriously inspired!

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