• Whether you're preparing to say your vows or just gearing up to watch friends or family say "I do," finding the perfect wedding hairstyle is no piece of (wedding) cake. If you're in search of inspiration for your next marital occasion, look no further than these gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long hair.

    Incorporate a Braid
    This multi-textured look, as seen on Blake Lively, would be perfect for a beach or island wedding, with or without the gilded adornment.

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  • Textured Bun
    A twisted, slightly rumpled bun with loose wavy tendrils is romantic and bridges the gap between bohemian and classic.

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  • Accessorize Your Updo
    A thick embellished headband as the focal point of your hairstyle is a great choice for those with bangs or shorter layers in front, like Dianna Agron. Tease the hair at the crown to soften the look.

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  • Pulled Back
    If you want to keep all of your hair off your face, try pulling it back and twisting it into a tight bun like Amanda Seyfried, then use your fingers to loosen the front of the hair closest to the face, so it doesn't look too severe.

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  • Over the Shoulder
    For a pretty, laid-back look that isn't too casual, create a side part and push hair over the opposite shoulder, tucking the rest behind one ear like Diane Kruger. Use pins or a clip to keep hair in place.

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  • Woven Updo
    Wrapping long hair around itself will result in a cool woven effect, like this thick bun on Angelina Jolie.

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  • Loose Bun
    A braided bun like Jessica Alba's looks amazing when contrasted with loose, texturized hair around the face. Pull strands out from the front after creating the updo for a flattering "undone" look.

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  • Polished Ponytail
    If a "natural," unfussy vibe is your thing, try creating a side part and pulling hair into a slightly tousled ponytail over one shoulder like Penelope Cruz. After you've finished creating the ponytail, wrap strands of hair around the base to conceal the hair band for a more refined effect.

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  • Romantic Updo
    Long, fine hair types will love this look, as seen on Keira Knightley, because twisting the hair before creating the updo creates the illusion of thickness and makes hair appear more plentiful.

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  • Braided Chignon
    This unique braided twist is definitely not easy to create, but it's beautiful and super interesting. Wearing it with sleek strands like Emilia Clarke keeps the look from becoming too "boho."

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10 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

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10 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

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