• Ok, Kim Kardashian has officially maxed out on her sexy black hairstyle. It's time for a change. We'd like to see her chop it all off and dye it a warm, honey color, as shown.

    Try on Kim Kardashian's looks in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © (Before) Jason LaVeris (After) Jeffrey Ufberg/Getty Images
  • Blake Lively is known for her golden locks, but we think she's beautiful even without the blonde hair. Here, we switched the Gossip Girl actress to a brunette, giving her a more sophisticated, "Blaire Waldorf" look.

    Try on Blake Lively's looks in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © (Before) Rabbani and Solimene (After) Jordan Strauss/Getty Images
  • Gwen Stefani has had the same platinum hair since the 90s, and we're bored. Perhaps this trendy mother should switch to a more natural blonde color. Let her hair down, literally, and get comfortable with her roots.

    Try on Gwen Stefani's looks in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © (Before) Jordan Strauss (After) Jeff Vespa/Getty Images
  • Dark hair was perfect for teen Rory in Gilmore Girls, but as an adult, we think Alexis Bledel could go bold with her color. There are several great shades that would work with her blue eyes, but red seems be the most sultry.

    Try on Alexis Bledel's looks in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © (Before) Astrid Stawiarz (After) Bruce Glikas/Getty Images
  • We get it, you can't change your hair if your Glee character has long hair and bangs. But if we had a say in it, we'd snip Lea Michele's hair into a lob, and give her a bit of ombre to warm things up.

    Try on Lea Michele's looks in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © (Before) Chris Weeks/WireImage (After) Jason Merritt/Getty Images
  • Reese Witherspoon is looking more fab now than ever before, so why not try an edgier 'do? We like a deep red hue with her complexion, and a shoulder-length style to add some spunk.

    Try on Reese Witherspoon's looks in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © (Before) Camera Press / Retna Ltd. (After) Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic


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