• Tired of spending time on an updo, only to have it fall flat minutes later? We went to the pros to get their sneaky tips for keeping an updo in place. For a loose hairstyle like Kyra Sedgwick's, just double-up on bobby pins, crisscrossing them to firmly secure hair in place. Read on for more insider tricks!

    Try on Kyra Sedgwick's updo in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © Donna Ward/Getty Images
  • Brush It Back

    When rocking a sleek updo like Jessica Alba's, it's important to keep flyaways at bay. We learned this trick backstage at <a href="Fashion Week: Spray hairspray onto a large powder brush, then brush onto the sides and top of hair. This will banish any frizzies and give you a flyaway-free, slick style that stays.

    Try on Jessica Alba's updo in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images
  • Pull A Fake Out

    Want to wear a Rapunzel-inspired hairstyle like Jada Pinkett Smith's, but lack the extra-long hair to do it? Use a faux hair accessory to create this complicated style with ease. We love this Sephora braided headband because it not only fakes the braided hair look, it also holds back the rest of your updo.

    Try on Jada Pinkett Smith's updo in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
  • Sew It Up

    Intricate updos like Hilary Duff's woven knot require a little extra finessing.To keep a style like this secure, try sewing it in place. Using clear fishing wire and a large, blunt needle, stitch hair starting at the nape of your neck, then add large loops throughout. This will add tension to the updo and keep the hair from coming loose.

    Try on Hilary Duff's updo in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © Steve Granitz/WireImage
  • Accessorize

    Take a cue from Keri Russell here and accessorize with a big and bold headpiece. A haute hair accessory not only glams up your updo, it also helps hide any securing instruments you used to keep hair in place. You can go crazy with the elastics, pins and combs and it will be your little secret.

    Try on Keri Russell's updo in the Makeover Studio!

    Photo: © Jeff Vespa/WireImage


5 Sneaky Ways To Keep An Updo In Place

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5 Sneaky Ways To Keep An Updo In Place

Learn how you can keep your updo looking done all night long with these tips from the pros!

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