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Top 5 Tasteless Makeup Trends

Let's stop sending our young women the message that when it comes to makeup, "the trashier the better!"

On a recent girls’ trip to Miami I was shocked to see girls frolicking on the beach in full sets of false eyelashes, orange tinted spray tans and body glitter from head to toe. Thanks to reality shows like Jersey Shore and The Bad Girls Club, the message we are sending to our young women is “the trashier the better,” and yes, ladies, it’s getting worse. As the hemlines get shorter and the makeup gets thicker, we are seeing a serious rise in insecurity, and honestly I have had enough!

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Take back your power girls and know your self-worth. Makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty and uniqueness; not used to paint on a cheesy overdone version of a Playmate on pixie sticks! Here are my top five tasteless makeup trends – and my version of how to they can be worn with much more class.

#1. Glitter anywhere on the face or body.
Glitter is the herpes of makeup. When you wear it, it spreads not only all over you but also on everyone around you, and it never seems to goes away. If you are starring in Ice Capades or are in your “tween” years, you might get away with it, but if not, move on to pearlescent shimmer or a light luminizing glow to highlight the skin instead.

#2. Deep savage orange spray tans.
The good news is most people have figured out that the tanning beds suck, but does that mean we now have to coat ourselves in a long-lasting disturbingly dark terracotta stain? Embrace your natural coloring and use self-tanners that only take you a few shades darker as if you had tanned naturally (and by the way, the darker the fake tan the older you look, so keep it light).

#3. Dark colored lip liner worn with light lipstick.
Still girls…really? That ship has sailed and ring around the mouth never looked good! Use a highlight pencil around the perimeter of the lips for a full pout and a nude flesh-colored pencil that matches your natural lip tone on the lip line to eliminate bleeding lip color.

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#4. Over-plucked, over-arched eyebrows.
Now I understand if you have naturally thin brows, but there seems to be an epidemic in this country with our young ladies plucking themselves to high heaven. Again this can age you beyond your years, and they may not grow back. Keep brows groomed but healthy looking and fill them in with a little brow corrector if they are sparse.

#5. Spider lashes.
Hey, I’m all for a great mascara or a fun set of natural falsies on occasion but the double sets of false lashes and multiple coats of mascara just looks tacky. Your lashes are supposed to frame your beautiful eyes, and if you just goop them up with too much black tar you completely ruin the effect. If you want a lusher lash line, snip a natural set of false lashes in half and use only the half section at the outer corners – or try individuals placed towards the ends. Then, sweep on mascara on top and bottom lashes in one to two coats max for a beautiful, full flirty look.

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