• Some occasions call for a sleek, neat look, while others call for sexy, messy hairstyles. We look to these 10 looks as the ultimate in tousled-chic. 

    Kerri Russell 
    The actress turned in her "Felicity" ringlets for waves that are casual and carefree. 

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  • Cameron Diaz
    Not all chignons need to be perfectly styled...

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  • ...Even from the back, this one is slightly messy.

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  • Kim Kardashian
    The reality star keeps the front of her hair neatly tucked behind her ears, but the rest is slightly messy, while still remaining incredibly chic.

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  • Brit Marling
    The actress's waves are brushed out for a pretty, disheveled look. 

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  • Katharine McPhee
    As trendy (and chic) as a topknot is, we always come back to a messy bun like this.

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  • Aside from a few fly-aways, her hair was sleek to dress up the tousled look.

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  • Alexa Chung
    Alexa is the poster child for tousled hair. Although this side pony looks thrown together, it still looks incredibly chic. 

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  • Zoe Saldana Leaving deliberate pieces out is what makes this otherwise neat faux bob messy-chic.

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