• A little up and a little down. It's the perfect in-between for when we want to dress up our hair without going too formal. Recreate these simple styles we loved from the red carpet. 

    Amy Adams

    To keep hair off your face, copy Amy's style by pinning back 1-inch sections behind the ears on both sides. 

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  • Emmy Rossum

    Classic half-up with height on top. Before pinning in place, backcomb the top few inches of hair. When pulling the hair together in the back, push up and then pin. 

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  • Miranda Kerr

    The easiest way to dress up hair—go side-swept. Twist a bottom piece below the ear, pull to the nape of the neck, and pin in place.

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  • Julianne Hough

    Works for a bob too. Copy Julianne's by exaggerating the side part and contrasting the textured waves with sleekness.

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  • Alexa Chung

    For a formal occasion, skip the updo. Instead curl the hair in ringlets and pin back front sections.  

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  • Katy Perry

    Take a page from Katy's book. Enjoy voluminous hair without it all up in your face by pulling front pieces back with a bedazzled headband. 

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  • Kiernan Shipka

    Go messy-chic with texture on top. Use a texturizing spray or dry shampoo before pulling up. Roughen up even more by brushing your fingertips through the front pieces. 

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  • Lucy Liu  

    Try the opposite with sleek hair on top and voluminous texture throughout the rest of the hair. In this case, it's best to pin the hair up and finish with a texturizing spray on the loose pieces. 

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  • Rachel Bilson

    Copy Rachel's boho look with loose waves, center part and front pieces loosely pinned in the back of the head. 

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  • Taylor Swift

    Texture up those bangs with a pomade and pull back strands haphazardly. The messier, the better. 

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