The New Must-Try Minx Manicure

Minx Nails

Check out this brand new manicure called Minx. It’s not regular nail polish, but these extremely thin film-like stickers that make your nails look like they were dipped in liquid metal. You have to go to a pro to the Minx, and we went to one of NYC’s top manicurists,  Honey. She’s on the speed dial of celebrities and has been dishing out Minx jobs since it first came on to the nail scene a few months ago. Now, bling-loving stars like Beyonce are rockin’ this metallic nail look on stage–and this summer, I guarantee that you’ll see it on the fingers and toes of your most adventurous beauty junkie friends.

We have more details about this trend coming up in our summer beauty feature launching later this month, but wanted to give you a sneak peek first.

Stay tuned!

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