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The Most Politically Incorrect Bikini Wax EVER

Completely Bare has revealed their newest spa treatment, and we are completely weirded out!

foxybikini400600 The Most Politically Incorrect Bikini Wax EVER

Courtesy of TMZ

Foxes are dying to keep your vagina warm, it seems, at the hands of Completely Bare. The waxing spa has announced they will now offer Foxy Bikini Waxes. The treatment involves the same painful hair ripping that comes with traditional bikini waxes, but this one takes it a step further by replacing your pubic hair with neon-dyed real fox fur.

Where do we even start with this one? It will certainly bring on one of the more awkward PETA protests. Also, let’s think this through: Women will be paying around $200 to trade human hair for animal fur (or feathers as pictured). What?! More importantly, what will men think? If you are one of the super trendy women that plan on getting this hair-down-there do’, then please warn the guy ahead of time before he starts undressing you. Can you imagine the utter horror that will befall him when he sees Big Bird on your nether regions?!

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