The ins and outs of ear candling

One of my bestest friends from college flew into Boston this past Thursday. We headed down to my Cape House for an extra long weekend of shopping, sun and wine.

On the way to the beach my friend, Maryn asked me if I’d ever tried ear candling.


“You know, ear candling. You stick this piece of wax in your ear, light it on fire and the smoke is supposed to draw out all of the toxins in your ear canal.”

“You’ve been living in LA for way too long.”

“I really want to try it!”

After a few calls to 411 Maryn finally tracked down a GNC that sold the ear candles and swore by then.

Below is a picture of Wally’s 100% Beeswax ear candles.

Ear Candling 006.jpg
Maryn before lighting her ear candle ablaze.

Ear Candling 001.jpgTrying to see if I can see the “gunk” in her ear. As I’m sure you could’ve guess, I could not spot any “gunk.”

Ear Candling 002.jpgEar candles burning up!

Ear Candling 003.jpgKeep in mind it was roughly 90 degrees down the Cape with 100% humidity. Adding a flaming candle to your ear made for a steamy afternoon.

Ear Candling 005.jpgFIRE BURNING! It was my job to cut the ash off.

Ear Candling 007.jpg

So when Maryn removed her ear candle I could’ve sworn I saw something drip out of her ear, hence the tissue lodged into her ear ball.

Ear Candling 008.jpg

Ok so by this time I was getting super jealous and wanted to do some ear candling of my own

Ear Candling 012.jpg

I tried to get a picture of the two of us rocking our Beeswax ear candles but I didn’t want to set my newly blonde hair on fire so the picture didn’t come out so great.

Ear Candling 011.jpg

The first ear that Maryn ear candled didn’t produce anything not worthy. However, when she pulled the candle out of her right ear there was some funky stuff going on:

Ear Candling 013.jpg
Like honestly. What is that long orange-ish looking thing?

Ear Candling 014.jpg

The remnants of our ear candling escapade. I only . If you want to conduct your own ear candling you can pick up a set at at a GNC or Trader Joe’s. They run about $12.00 for a pack of four.

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