Summer Makeup Tip: Stick It In The Fridge!

Suffering from makeup meltdown due to high temperatures? Here's how to salvage your products during the heat wave.

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It’s officially brutal outside this summer, and there is nothing worse then the idea of smearing creams, makeup and other products on your face when it’s so darn hot. I have come up with a few fabulous ways to beat the heat and keep the application process soothing to your skin. Remember that the fridge is your friend, and there are quite a few products you should store in there.

Eye creams that are applied cold can help ease swelling and puffiness, so keep them in there with some herbal toners for a fresh spritz of coolness. I like to store loose face powders in the icebox, too, so when you dust them on over foundation, it feels cool to the skin. This feels especially wonderful if you have a sunburn.

If your eye pencils become mushy because of the heat and are impossible to sharpen, stick them in the freezer for a few. When you pull them out, they will sharpen into a fine point much more easily and will create a much more precise line when applied.

If you left your lipstick in a hot car, just to find your favorite color has melted into a gooey mess, grab a small plastic container like the ones found at the Container Store and scoop the mess into it. Then, place it in the freezer to salvage your summer shade!

At the end of the day, revive your skin by wiping it down with Cool Off, a natural botanical cooling towlette that rejuvenates the skin with essential oils and chilling herbs. It will make you feel crisp and clean after a muggy day.

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