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Save Yourself From The Summer Nasties!

No matter what summer nasties crop up this season, Carmindy has tips and tricks to keep looking like your gorgeous self!

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Each summer we get super excited to bust out or bikinis and whip out the sundresses; however, having our skin and makeup looking flawless is key when the heat is on to looking summer chic. There are always some hot weather beauty mishaps that don’t have to bring you down if you know some easy solutions for these summer beauty woes.

The most common mishap is the dreaded sunburn. Say you laid out and either missed a spot with your sunscreen or didn’t reapply after that ocean swim and are left with a stinging lobster red burn. The best way to ease the pain is to take a cool shower and slather on the aloe vera. Aloe will start healing the skin and sooth it at the same time. Try the inexpensive and popular Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel and keep it in the fridge for extra cooling. You should also take a Tylenol so get rid of the pain and make sure you stay away from any types of exfoliants or body scrubs that will only irritate the skin.

If you burnt your face, the best way to cover the redness is to use a liquid foundation and slightly stipple it onto the skin lightly with a non-latex sponge to cover. Then, use a dusting of yellow based powder to counteract any redness. Try my Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Truly Translucent Loose Powder In Neutralizer.

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Another nasty summer issue is when your recent wax left your bikini area covered in red bumps. Don’t feel like you have to be covered up and hiding under a sarong at the beach all day, simply use a waterproof concealer like the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. Dab it on to camouflage those little nasties and don’t worry about it running off in the water because this concealer won’t budge.

Another really annoying issue is after a sticky, hot, searing day you find your eye makeup has completely run under your eyes making you look like a total Goth. Opt for waterproof eyeliner that won’t melt off like my Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Forever Stay Eye Pencil and try tube technology mascaras like Blinc Kiss Me Mascara that tubes your lashes in a stay-put and smudge-proof flirty fringe that lasts all day without ever smearing.

Hot weather can also bring out the cold sores, so if you are prone to these during this season make sure you get a prescription for Valtrex to keep them at bay when you first feel that little tingle. If you missed your chance and one shows up anyway, there is a way to hide it. First, mix a little dab of Abreva Cold Sore Medicine with some of your foundation and apply it to the area using a Q-Tip and then throw the Q-Tip away after you apply it. Follow with another disposable Q-Tip dipped into a little yellow tinted loose powder and dab it on the area to set the makeup. Then, play up your eyes with a bold blue summer eyeliner pencil to try the focus away from your lip and up to your eyes. Nobody will ever notice.

Some of us ladies who are well endowed can get a little sweaty under the sisters in heat and humidity, causing a wet line to appear through your clothing. Take an unscented anti-antiperspirant and apply it under the breasts to keep from sweating so much under there. So, no matter what summer nasties crop up this season you are well-equipped with the tips and tricks to keep looking like your gorgeous self!

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