• Oval Face Shape

    If you have an oval face shape you're in luck: Ovals can wear practically any hairstyle, including Kristen Stewart's asymmetrical, structured updo. "We saw a lot of asymmetry in the clothes for spring and that plays a big part in the hair," says Syfu.

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  • Oval Face Shape

    Super-sleek, center-parted hair like Heidi Klum's can be difficult to pull off, unless of course you're an oval gal. "Clean and simple, flat-ironed hair doesn't work for everyone but it looks good on an oval because they can really wear anything," says Syfu.

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  • Square Face Shape

    Square face shapes can minimize the width of their face with swept-back, volumized waves, like here on Maria Menounos. "The swept-back volume counterbalances your facial width, so it doesn't look as large and the waves help soften the angles of your face," says Syfu.

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  • Square Face Shape

    <a href="A grown-out bob like Anne Hathaway's is another ideal style for those with a square face shape. "It automatically gives you a little volume and looks better because it's not so big through the sides," says Syfu.

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  • Heart Face Shape

    A textured, messy bob like Katharine McPhee's is great for heart shapes. "Choppy, jaw length layers help soften the face and add a little more lift where you need it," says Syfu.

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  • Heart Face Shape

    Short or long, side-swept or straight across: Bangs are a fab way to soften up a heart-shaped face, as Rihanna demonstrates here. "Bangs work well with this face shape because they soften the corners of the face and reduce its length," says Syfu.

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  • Round Face Shape

    A dramatic side-part and messy waves like Cameron Diaz's are the best way to de-emphasize a round face. "Anything side-swept breaks up the roundness of the face and makes it look more asymmetric," says Syfu.

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  • Round Face Shape

    Minimize fullness by giving your hair lots of height like Hayden Panettiere. "Pompadour styles work great on a round face because the height de-emphasizes the roundness and makes it look squarer while the sleek sides make your face look narrower," says Syfu.

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