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Sofia Vergara’s Sexy Style

Sofia Vergara has had to ''evolve'' her style as she gets older because she can no longer get away with short and tight clothing.

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Sofia Vergara has had to “evolve” her style as she gets older.

The Modern Family actress is famed for her figure-hugging clothes which show off her curves to perfection, but admits she has adapted her look as she approaches 40.

She told USA Weekend, “In my 20s, I would have on a mini-skirt and the boobs. Now, if I’m doing something short, I try to cover up [on top]. I’m almost 40, so I had to evolve–it’s natural. I love tight dresses. But I don’t do now tight and short. I do tight and long.”

Although she is happy to show off her body, the mother-of-one–who is designing her own range of clothes for Kmart–says she would draw the line at denim shorts.

She said, “My son’s friends and girlfriends are wearing them. I don’t feel it’s right.”

Sofia also revealed how she is happy to wear both clothes that are expensive and cheap.

She said, “I spend a lot of money on shoes and bags. But I wear things I have found all over the world that don’t have to be expensive. I like to dress up.”

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