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As I get older, I have found that if I wear a baseball hat to the gym I’ll get that line dent across my forehead for far too long. Or, if I sleep deeply with my face buried in my sheets, I’ll wake up with a map of the Milan subway system embedded on my cheek. If I indulge in a massage with my head pressed into a hole for an hour and get smush face, it takes forever to get rid of. I became strangely curious about this while I was on a recent all-girls diving trip. The other gal my age and I maintained our indented mask ring around our faces longer than the other girls post-dive! Our faces did not bounce back to normal the way theirs did. I had a silly oval frame indentation that lasted all evening. After a little research and a chat with a derm, I found out that because skin losses its elasticity over time, it does not snap back into shape as easy as when we were younger. BUMMER.

carmindy fast fix concealer Smush Face

Here are a couple of tips to erase the smush face so that instead of fretting about the inevitable, you can face the rest of your day. Massage the area with a little peptide cream to stimulate blood flow and get the area moisturized. This should help plump the dents back out a little faster. If there is no time for a face massage, apply your foundation normally and sweep a little concealer that is a shade lighter then your skin tone into the dent. Try Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Fast Fix Concealer in All Over Brightener for most skin tones and medium or deep for darker skin tones. Keep a sponge in your purse and check your face every so often in a compact to see when it’s back to normal. Then, just pull out the sponge and buff away the concealer. You can also wear a hot lip color to redirect the focus to your smash-free smile!

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