• "Scandal" is coming back this Thursday, and we couldn't be more excited. So how does a Gladiator with a passion for beauty celebrate? By counting down the show's best beauty moments, of course! 

    Olivia's Updo
    Olivia Pope is rarely seen with her hair up, but when she wore the ultimate updo at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, everyone took notice.

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  • Abby's Waves
    Around season two, Abby started wearing her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair in waves, instead of stick straight.

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  • Olivia's Bangs
    Remember when they started doing flashbacks, and it was revealed that Olivia had bangs? Our minds were blown.

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  • Mellie's Side-Swept Curls
    Only Mellie could pair big southern hair with a scowl and still make it look good. 

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  • The White Hat
    When Olivia finally put on the literal white hat that she keeps going on and on about, we might have shrieked with glee.

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The Best Beauty Moments from “Scandal”


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