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Retail Therapy Isn’t Cheap: The $800 Breakup Makeover

The average woman spends over $800 on a makeover to help her get over a break-up.

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The average woman spends over $800 on a makeover to get over a breakup.

A new survey by the Clothes Show London–the UK capital’s largest fashion and beauty event–shows there is a strong relationship between a girl’s broken heart and her retail habits, as females find a lot of comfort in shopping.

Following a split, a woman will spend, on average, $400 on clothes, $200 on a new haircut, $100 on beauty treatments and $130 to show off all their new purchases on a night out.

A pair of killer heels are the most popular item followed by a little black dress, sexy underwear, designer handbags and high-end makeup.

Commenting on the results, Clothes Show London Marketing Manager Maryam Hamizadeh says: “It comes as no surprise that women turn to retail therapy in times of need. Not only does shopping give women pleasure, but by creating a whole new look from their purchases, women are able to give themselves a transformation right when they feel like they need a change most.”

Celebrities are no strangers to breakups and following their recent love splits, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt were both spotted out having some retail therapy.

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