Brand Obsession: Love & Toast


Sometimes a brand comes along that’s so fabulous, so unique and so amazing, that I just can’t help becoming one of those crazy, obsessive types about it. Such is the case with the quirky bath and body brand Love & Toast. Created by Margot Elena, the same mastermind behind Lollia (another fab brand you should definitely check out), this whimsical line features packaging so gorgeous and fragrances so delish, it will make you squeal like a twelve-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Love & Toast is more than just a pretty face though. The products also preform amazingly. My favorites are the hand creams, which are available in the brand’s six signature scents: Honey Coconut, Gin Blossom, Sugar Grapefruit, Mandarin Tea, Paper Flower and Pomme Poivre. Unlike most hand creams, which can feel slippery and greasy on the skin, these actually sink into your hands instantaneously, leaving behind a silky soft-feel and absolutely zero greasy residue. The creams are 97% natural and made with fab moisturizers like organic olive, hemp and jojoba seed oils, plus shea butter, aloe and vitamin E.

Now all of this is enough to make a girl go a little nutty, but it’s the price of these that really take me over into the psycho-stalker zone. The hand creams retail for $10 while the perfumes go for $36, rollerball mini-fragrances are $8 and lip balms are $10. Best of all, they’re conveniently found at Amazon, one of my go-to online beauty desitnations. Combine that with the great scents, amazing packaging, natural ingredients and the fact that all the products actually work fabulously and you’ve just entered me into the Love & Toast #1 Fan Club.

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