A Confidence Boost for Susan Boyle?

OK, everyone is still buzzing about the prospect of a Susan Boyle makeover–including us! Already there are photos of wearing a sleek leather jacket, cute wrap dress and most recently–with groomed eyebrows. Maybe she was inspired by our virtual makeover?

Susan Boyle makeover dailymakeover.com

It’s inevitable that Susan Boyle will in some way, big or small, get a makeover. Who wouldn’t take it up a notch if you knew the entire world is looking at you? And there are more benefits to getting a makeover than just looking good.

The Susan Boyle makeover debate spurred us to poll our viewers to see what they think. Over 500 women responded and three quarters of them think she should get a makeover. But, they also said that a makeover wouldn’t detract from who she is. Bravo! I agree with this because a makeover should never change who you are. 

And there’s another benefit of getting a makeover: feeling more confident. 95 percent of the respondents said when you feel good about how you look, you look better and stand taller. Extra self-confidence is something anyone could use when they are unexpectedly in the spotlight.

Here are some other survey highlights:

• Reasons to have makeover: increase confidence (34%); just for fun (23%); look special for a special occasion (15%); update for seasonal trends (14%); become more beautiful (12%).

• Half of the respondents liked their overall appearance, but would welcome some makeover advice. When asked which services they would like to have done during a makeover, haircut/hairstyles ranked as the number one choice (27%), followed by makeup (26%), clothing advice (24%) and hair color (25%).

• Having a makeover doesn’t come without reservations. The two scariest things: letting someone change their haircut or color (47%) and the reaction of friends (25%).

• Nearly all (90%) of the respondents said they would like to try on their new look before they commit to it. Feeling like you want to try out a makeover? Head to our MakeoverStudio to give yourself a free virtual makeover right now.

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