• These are the 20 ponytails guaranteed to inspire your hair game.
  •  A small black bow adds a feminine touch that's not sugary-sweet.
    Photo: Keren Avital
  • A seriously messy pony contrasts beautifully with a polished outfit.
    Photo: Marina Tarrasconi
  •  How cool is this sleek, triple-decker ponytail? Cover your hair ties with hair wrapped around the band and pinned underneath for a chic look.
    Photo: IMaxTree
  •  Mist hair with surf spray to bring out natural waves for a textured ponytail like this one.
    Photo: ImaxTree
  •  This dressed up, lightly twisted ponytail is a beautiful alternative to an updo.
    Photo: Pinned by Elena Gomez
  •  How to do a side ponytail the modern way: lots of roughed up texture slung low over your shoulder.
    Photo: Valerija Jakopic
  •  To get this layered effect, use pull sections of hair back and secure with pins instead of using an elastic.
    Photo: Haley Kvapil
  •  Clip-in hair extensions can help you achieve a big, sexy ponytail like this one.
    Photo: a-walking-canvas.blogspot.com
  •  An instant upgrade for any ponytail: wrap a strand around the base of your elastic. Boom, perfection.
    Photo: Afton Martens
  • Dress up a short ponytail with an ornate headband and loose, deliberate flyaways.
    Photo: Pinned by Sarah Newman
  •  To create this look, make a "hole" just above your elastic and thread the end of your ponytail through the space. 
    Photo: blog.gojane.com
  •  Tease your hair at the crown for an instant facelift.
    Photo: Prosecco To Plaid
  •  We love how a rolled section on the side adds an extra something-something to this ponytail.
    Photo: Modern Bride
  •  Cheerleader chic? Add a ribbon for a cute, girly touch.
    Photo: Art Symphony
  •  Rough up hair at the crown of your head with an old toothbrush to get perfectly mussed texture.
    Photo: Harpers Bazaar
  •  Ombre color takes a ponytail from basic to bold.
    Photo: Glam Bistro
  • Add a braid to your ponytail for this Saturday night-worthy style.
    Photo: Erin Thompson
  •  Or try a braided section in the back.
    Photo: Pop Haircuts
  •  Blow out hair with a round brush to give your ponytail tons of movement.
    Photo: Carmen Haselrig
  •  This polished ponytail goes from work to cocktails beautifully.
    Photo: What Kate Wore


20 Perfect Ponytails to Try Now

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20 Perfect Ponytails to Try Now

Take your ponytail game to the next level.

Are there anything better that classic ponytail hairstyles? Not only does a pretty pony keep your hair out of your face—which is beyond essential some mornings, let’s be real—but it runs the style gamut from sleek and pretty to messy and punk. What other hairstyle can you wear to the gym, the office, a hot date AND the red carpet? They’re basically perfect.

But when it comes to ponytail inspiration? We admit, we could use some of that. It’s just so easy to fall into classic low-pony territory! But not anymore: we’ve rounded up 20 of the best ponytails to inspire your hair-up game.

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