Beauty Science Fiction: Lash-Enhancing Liners

Physicians_Formula_eyeliner_lashes.JPG (Blog Post)

Recently I’ve found myself more than a little obsessed with long lashes. I tried out lash extensions for the first time a few months ago and while they were awesome when I had them, my lashes were left weak, thin and totally sparse once they fell out. Sparse is definitely not a word you want to associate with your fringe.

Fortunately, beauty brands seem to share my lash obsession as companies have recently launched a slew of lash-growing products, treatments and makeup. This recent influx of lash lengtheners has created a whole new category in makeup: The Lash Enhancers.

The latest entry to the enhancer game is a new liquid liner from Physicians Formula called Eye Booster. It features a high-tech Japanese formula containing a potent peptide that, when applied along the lashline, helps enhance lash length and fullness. Since the liner is applied directly to the lashline, it targets the root of lashes for optimum efficacy.

I love the lash-enhancing effects, but even without that perk, this liner would be in heavy rotation for me. The flow-through brush makes it super-precise and easy enough to apply that even a beauty novice could draw a flawless line. Add in a long-wearing formula, a sweet $10.95 price tag and the added bonus of enhancing your lashes and I’m sold!

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