Make Over Your Bun and Ponytail, Straight from the People’s Choice Awards

Heidi Klum and Nina Dobrev gave this classics a little upgrade.

With the Golden Globes on Sunday, we’re sorry to say we expect the beauty to be in two words: predictable and dare we say, boring? But the People’s Choice Awards, with younger stars and more casual red carpet style, we expected some out-there hair and makeup. But this year, the looks were a little disappointing to say the least. However, there were two styles we could get behind—Nina Dobrev‘s knotted mohawk bun and Heidi Klum‘s twisted ponytail. Both made over these classic hairstyles but still kept them wearable. Here’s the scoop on getting the looks at home. 

Nina Dobrev People's Choice Awards

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The Knotted Bun
Celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri described the style she created on Nina as a “knothawk.” She started with KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray ($18.99, to get some texture into the hair. Then she created a faux mohawk containing roughly 100 knots, moving from the bottom of her hair all the way to the top.

Nina Dobrev People's Choice Awards

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As you can see from the back, you can really play with the knots and their placement. Perfection is the last thing you want with this look. Capri finished the look off with KMS California Kairstay Maximum Hold Spray ($17.99,

Heidi Klum People's Choice Awards

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The Twisted Ponytail
The twisted ponytail has seen a little action lately, but what really makes this one is the volume on top. It keeps the style from looking stringy and limp. The trick is to twist very lightly. First pull all of the hair back into a sleek pony (a hair serum brushed through damp hair works great). Leaving one section loose, lightly twist the hair down and set in place with an elastic. Use the loose section of hair to wrap around the top elastic and follow suit by wrapping a small section around the bottom elastic as well. Make sure to use the serum throughout all of the hair for that smooth, sleek texture.

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