• Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans! Doesn't this magazine cover remind you how proud you are to live in a country where young women become famous by looking pretty while sucking on phallic-shaped popsicles?

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    Photo: © GQ Magazine
  • Wait, are you telling me you don't celebrate the 4th by doing a USA-themed strip tease on stage?

    10 Celebrities Who Tried Showing Side Boob

    Photo: © Getty Images
  • Each year, GQ puts out a patriotic issue for the month of July. Can't you see how Jennifer Aniston's chest swells with pride over being an American? Oh wait, those are just her bare breasts showing.

    Look And Feel Like A Bombshell
    In The Bedroom

    Photo: © GQ Magazine
  • Ke$ha proves time and time again what a lady she is. First with the "Suck It" tattoo inside her lip, and then with this photo of her wrapped up in an American flag. You know that rule about burning a flag once it's touched the ground? I think the same rule should apply for anything that directly touches Ke$ha's body.

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  • This photo was taken years ago, when Jessica Simpson was married, on a reality show and a third of her current body mass. We kinda miss this slutty, er, patriotic version of Jess.

    Walk Of Shame Beauty Strategies

    Photo: © GQ Magazine


Patriotic Or Pornographic?

Patriotic Or Pornographic?

These stars might have been posing in the name of freedom, but they were showing a lot more than their American pride!

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