• A simple braided topknot and hair wrap can dress up any look. 

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  • Love this twisted updo! Separate the hair into two sections—one above the ears and the other below. Twist the bottom section into a loose chignon. Twist the top section—in pieces—around the bun to add intricate structure. 

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  • This braided bun has a subtle Grecian feel to it, thanks to a delicate braid. 

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  • No leftover holiday bows? A bow made from your hair is even prettier. 

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  • Create a twisted ponytail (just make a hole in the center of a pony and pull the tail through it), then wrap a ribbon around the hair as a headband and tie it around the base of the ponytail. Voila!

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  • A fun way to play with a hair accessory—wrap it around a high bun with lots of volume.

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  • Braid it all and then bun it in place for an utterly original party hairstyle. 

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  • With gorgeous highlights, all you need is a messy bun. 

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  • Four braids stacked on top of each other makes for one awesomely textured braid. 

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  • To get this romantic updo, create a tight, twisted bun right behind the ear. Then, lightly pull the hair loose around the bun for subtle volume on top. 

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  • Channel your girly side with a silk bow, tucked neatly behind your ear.

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  • Going somewhere warm this New Year's? Add a tropical flower to a messy bun.

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  • Dress up a simple fishtail by wrapping it into a chignon. 

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  • For ultra-long and thick hair, braid along the hairlines and twist into a thick bun.

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  • This twisted updo is easier than it looks! Create a center part and separate the hair into two sections. Starting on one side, twist the hair in, moving down the hairline. After twisting the other side, combine the sections haphazardly in a messy bun at the nape of the neck.

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