• Best Overall: Olivia Wilde
    Is it us, or is pregnancy making Olivia Wilde even more beautiful? The actress wasn't a nominee, but she showed up everyone with a 60s style updo and cat eye. Her makeup artist said she wanted to create a French beauty look. Ooh la la! 

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  • Most Disappointing Hair: Amy Adams
    We're not exactly sure what was happening with Amy's hair last night. It looked a little heavy on the gel and had a strange wave going through it. We would have preferred her gorgeous red hair down.

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  • Best Statement Lip: Kerry Washington
    The "Scandal" actress stood out from the rest with a deep berry lip. We also couldn't help but notice her gorgeous hairstyle. 

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  • Best Transitional Hairstyle: Charlize Theron
    We know growing out a short hairstyle isn't easy. It's awkward, painstaking and very hard to style. Charlize somehow managed to make her grown-out pixie look amazing. 

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  • Boldest Brow: Margot Robbie
    The "Wolf of Wall Street" actress recently went from blonde to brunette, and she paired the bold hair color with an even bolder brow. We also love her berry lip. 

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  • Best Highlights: Chrissy Teigen
    The only thing more gorgeous than Chrissy's waves were her exceptional highlights. No one does "bronde" like Chrissy.

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  • Best Side Part: Kate Hudson
    Kate rarely disappoints on the red carpet, and Sunday night was no exception. Her deep side part was on point. Hairstylist Chris McMillan said of the hairstyle, "The look we did tonight is a modern take on a classic 1930’s/1940’s hair style. I saw it as Veronica Lake meets Jerry Hall.”

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  • Most Distracting Hair: Naomi Watts
    Naomi's makeup was flawless, but it was hard for us to focus on anything besides her strange part. The hairstyle seemed to have a "There's Something About Mary" quality to it. 

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  • Most Covetable Hair: Cate Blanchett
    Not only does Cate have flawless skin, but her hair is so good. Hairstylist Robert Vetica used a 3/4-inch curling iron to get her subtle waves.

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  • Best Waves: Jared Leto
    Sorry girls, but the best beach waves award goes to Jared. Hairstylist  Chase Kusero used Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Pomade ($5.49, drugstore.com) to get the gorgeous movement in his hair.

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