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Olympics Here I Come!

My Olympic journey starts tomorrow--check out what beauty product is tagging along with me.


Tomorrow morning, bright and early I depart for Vancouver and start off a whirlwind trip with P&G Beauty covering the scene at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Would you believe I haven’t packed a thing?

While I’m hoping for my fairy god-stylist to pop in overnight and craft the perfect Olympics-worthy wardrobe for me, the one thing I do have nailed down is my list of beauty essentials. Alongside the typical shampoo, cleanser and makeup staples I always bring with me when I travel, I’ve added the new Nivea Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm to the pile.

I tend to get dry, chapped lips, especially when I venture to new climates, so I want to be sure my pucker is protected from the elements. This beeswax and shea butter infused balm will keep my lips supple and soft throughout my various weekend activities. Best of all, it’s less than $3 so I can afford to stock up.

Stay tuned over the weekend for my firsthand report from Vancouver and be sure to follow me on Twitter to get up to the minute info from the moment I land!

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