Get The Red Out

If you suffer from ruddiness or rosacea, try these simple tricks to help camouflage the redness!

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Truly Translucent Powder in Neutralizer

For the many men and women who suffer from ruddiness or rosacea, every new flare-up can be a mini-nightmare for their skin. Fortunately there are a few quick and easy ways to tone the fire down and keep your skin looking even and neutralized.

To conceal red patches naturally, use yellow tinted powders and concealers — the lemony shade actually counteracts and softens the red. In the past, cosmetic companies have marketed green or lavender primers as a way of hiding the redness, but unless you are a master blender it may look a little funny on the skin. The easiest way to camouflage the red is with yellow.

Start off by applying your regular foundation and then dab on a bit of yellow tinted concealer on top of areas that are still prominently red. Finish off the skin with Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Truly Translucent Loose Powder in Neutralizer. This light yellow powder will keep your skin tone even and ruddy-free all day.

Stay away from blush because you already have it built in to the skin. If a little rosiness shines through on your cheeks, that’s actually ok because that’s now one step you can skip while getting ready in the morning. Bronzers are a no-no as well because they can add too much warmth to already red skin.

Focus instead on defining eyes and play with cool shades like taupe, grey, browns, blues, greens and plums. Opt for cooler shades on the lips as well — berries, pinks, pinky nudes and mauves are all good options. The cool shades on eyes and lips will help balance the face and won’t draw attention to your reddish undertones.

On the skin care front, always wash your face with cold water, stay out of saunas, apply sunscreen daily and stay away from red wine. All of these things can cause your skin to flare up, so keep away from the heat and opt for the cool instead! Remember, makeup can’t heal the redness, it can only help diminish it. If you have a severe case of rosacea, check with your dermatologist to see what medical treatments can be used to get it under control.

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