• It isn't all about the sequin dress. Wrap up 2013 with gorgeous makeup that will last all night—even through that midnight kiss. 

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  • A smudged smoky eye adds edge to otherwise girly attire. But for a softer look, go with bronze liner instead of kohl. Finish the look with a bubblegum pink lip—and make it matte so it lasts all night. 

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  • It's all about the eyes. Start with an eye primer to set the eye shadow in place. Then dab on a metallic cream shadow all over the lid, ending at the crease. Use a shadow brush to draw black shadow from the inner corner of the eye past the outer corner. Use a blending brush to smudge the lines on both top and bottom lash lines. 

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  • Bring your bronzer addiction out of hibernation with this glowing look. Pair bronze liner, blush and shimmer gold lipstick. 

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  • Play with the purple lipstick trend with this raspberry shade. To skip reapplications, cover the lips with powder, then apply one coat of the lipstick, blot and apply another coat. 

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  • Red lips and bold brows. Keep brows shapely all night with a swipe of brow gel. 

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  • Feeling really festive? Dress up the eyes with sequins. Although for maximum comfort, we'd suggest placing them above the lid. 

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  • Thick kohl liner traced around the entire eye is a gorgeous contrast to bright blue or green eyes. 

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  • Bring back Christmas colors with green shadow and red lipstick. For a stain finish on the lips, be prepared to reapply. But that cream eye shadow won't require any touchups.

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  • With bold lips and eyes, the skin must be flawlessly clear. Before applying foundation, prep the skin with a quick scrub to exfoliate and a moisturizer or face oil. Use a wet sponge when applying coverup for a dewy finish. 

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  • White eyeliner around the eyes brightens the entire face and camouflages under eye circles. For that perfect lip, use lip liner both to trace and fill the lips—it also doubles as a primer. Then use a lip brush to paint the color within the lines.   

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