Hot Hairstyle Trends For 2011

Our friends at Be Gorgeous have the scoop on what all the hot hairstyles will be in 2011.

The latest hair trends are all about feminine and versatile hairstyles, that you can wear one way, then re-style another. Whether you fancy long, medium or extra short hairstyles, read on for tips on how to rock the 2011’s best hair trends.

Emma Watson

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For short hairstyles, “à la garçonne” crops are leading the trends–think Mia Farrow’s short cut in Rosemary’s Baby. The super-short cap cuts silhouette the head, putting facial features into the spotlight. A haircut this short will suit small, symmetrical features as the face will become the main focus.

Short haircuts can be also suited to diminish features you don’t like or enhance ones you do. Debating whether to chop off your precious locks can be daunting and to ease the transition find hairstyle pictures you like and discuss with your stylist if they can work with you, your hair type and face shape.

For a truly versatile short hairstyle, ask for longer layers on top or get layered, wispy bangs that you can direct forward, slick back or poof up for styling variety. A short haircut with longer top layers can be adapted to suit all face shapes and hair textures. You can wear it sleek or tousled, ruffled up with texturizer for daytime, tucked back or spiked up for a chic nighttime look.

Anne Hathaway

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Medium hairstyles are one of the most versatile styles around, that’s why they are here to stay.

Mid-length hairstyles give you the best of both worlds: the versatility and youthful vibe of short hairstyles and the sexy, feminine length of long locks. Wear it sleek, tousled, curly or choppy; medium hairstyles will be a strong trend for 2011.

Medium length hairstyles can work well with the bouncy blown-out style. Layers are shorter, which means it’s easier to style them and will hold the bouncy volume well. Blow-out locks with a brush for a smooth and shiny finish and a little lift at the roots.

For women over 30, medium hairstyles are highly recommended, as over a certain age, long hairstyles can drag down the face and make you look dated. Medium hairstyles are easier to style and will give you lots of volume on top that will draw the eye upward enough to take years off your look.

Jennifer Lopez

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Long, lengthy locks can look flat and lifeless of styled or cut wrong. Make sure you get a few long layers chipped in to encourage lift at the crown and back.

This will also ease your hair styling routine and will fuse your hair with body and lots of movement.

Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner if your hair tends to fall flat, and backcomb roots at the crown for extra volume after blow-drying.

Gabrielle Union

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The 70s are making a comeback for 2011: full, bouncy, glossy, long hairstyles with lots of body that give off a youthful vibe.

The key look is slightly bigger hair with lift at the roots and brushed-out twists all the way through.

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