The World’s Best Natural Exfoliant

I traveled to the legendary Whitehaven Beach in Australia to explore natural exfoliants.

On a recent adventure to The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, I heard a myth about the sand on legendary Whitehaven Beach. Local women have been using this powdery white sand for years as the most luxuriant, natural exfoliant to soften wrinkles and eliminate dull skin. Made up of 98% pure silica, which gives it its pure white color, it has been brought to these shores over millions of years by sea currents as the local rocks do not contain silica.


As a lover of body and face scrubs, I just had to try this magical sand and report back to you lovely ladies if the rumors where true. I decided to charter a helicopter and get dropped off on this perfect and pristine beach. Whitehaven Beach is honestly one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life. The sand is so pure and light that even in direct heat it feels cool on the toes. The water is so lovely that immersing yourself in it is like getting a liquid hug. I was lucky enough to experience this awesome beach all by myself slathered in my favorite sunscreen SkinCeutical Sport UV Defense SPF 45 and shielded by a vintage white Panama hat and gold polarized Ray Bans.

I applied sand all over my face and body and began scrubbing away, amazed at how light the sand felt on my skin. When I jumped in the ocean, it took awhile to wash all the fine grains off, but when I did, my skin was polished to perfection and the silkiest it has ever been. So yes, the rumors about Whitehaven Beach are very true, and I recommend choosing vacations that offer special beauty bonuses like this for an unforgettable girly getaway!

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