My New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Carmindy provides six simple skin resolutions to help you look and feel your best in 2009!

Every New Year millions of people make promises that they just can’t keep. “I’m going to lose those last 5 pounds,” “I will learn how to live on a tighter budget,” “I will learn how to speak Spanish,” and many other resolutions are sworn out loud, but they never seem to stick.

I’ll make it easy on you this year. Try some beauty resolutions that are simple to keep and they’ll improve the way you look and feel. Here is my list of resolutions that work:

sleeping in makeup

Vow to remove your makeup before you crash!

1. Compliment at least one stranger a week on their appearance. You have no idea the positive effect this will have on a person and it will make you feel good too. The best part: no starving, sweating, saving or studying needed.

2. Wash and moisturize your face every night–no matter what!–before you go to bed. You have no idea how many women confess that when they’re exhausted, they crash without washing their face. Not only does your body rejuvenate itself while you sleep, but so does your skin. Allow it rest in a pristine state and it will look young and fresh for years to come.

3. Clean your makeup brushes. Want to know why you still breakout or why your blush and eye shadow never look like the color in the container? Dirty brushes. Start to clean them at least every couple of days and see how much better your skin and makeup will look!

4. Burst out of your makeup rut. Try a new shade of lipstick or a new eye shadow palette and feel good about it. Change is great, so learn to take a few beauty risks.

5. Make that appointment with the dermatologist. I know many women don’t think about it or put it off because it can be pricey, but getting checked for skin cancer is priceless. I believe in dermatologists more than facialists any day.

6. Clean up the clutter. Streamline that crazy makeup bag or drawer and get rid of the madness. I’m sure there are hoards of samples, gift with purchases, broken eye shadows, never-used lip colors (almost all the exact same shade, but not quite) and makeup from 1989. Toss it. It will feel great to start the New Year off clean.

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