My #1 secret to soft skin–and it’s cheap!

Do you really want to know what my #1 beauty secret is to great-looking skin? It’s sugar! That’s right, the deliciously sweet white granulated goodness we are always trying not to eat. Well, rub on your face and body instead for a super sweet and soft skin.

Sugar exfoliant

Sweet rewards: sugar is the best-kept secret in beauty

White sugar is the absolute best exfoliant and, of course, the cheapest. Sugar dissolves in water and will not tear delicate skin cells like some rougher exfoliants such as ground almonds. The sugar will smooth away dead skin cells, dirt, oils and dryness that may be dulling your skin. Simply lather up your face with a cleanser like Cetaphil and pour a handful of sugar in the palm of your hand. Rub your face in circular motions to buff and polish your skin. You can do this on the body too. Men can do it after a shave to keep ingrown hairs from forming. If you have dry lips, a little sugar on a wet washcloth will smooth out flakes.

When I travel, I always sneak a packet of sugar from the flight attendant and use it when I get to my hotel room.

Honestly most expensive exfoliators at department stores or spas are sugar scrubs anyway, so be smart and save money honey and sweeten up your face!

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