The At-Home Minx Manicure

Get the Minx look at home with these new metallic polishes that will add some bling to your spring.


If there’s one thing I took away from the runways at Spring 2010 Fashion Week it’s that metallic nails are super-sexy in a futuristic, Judy Jetson kind of way. There’s nothing like a flash of metal on your digits to give you a cool chick mentality. Last year’s Minx manicure took big strides in bringing the foiled finger look to the masses, but it came at a price: Anywhere from $30 to a whopping $55 an application.

Recently, a few of your favorite drugstore brands have decided to up the ante and offer similar metallic effects at a much cheaper cost ($7 and up). While they may not provide the exact same metal-like sheen as the Minx, they do come pretty darn close.

My first pick is Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Chrome Pen. It gives nails more of a milky metallic tone that goes on super smooth and dries even faster. This is a great entry-level metallic for those who want to try the trend but aren’t ready to go all Tin Man on their tips. It also comes in an interesting variety of shades like Turquoise, Green and Fuchsia, so you don’t have to sacrifice your fave colors to get that metal effect.

If you like your metal molten, then Orly’s Foil FX collection is for you. It features three springtime shades that deliver a bling-tastic sheen and textured foil look to your nails. I’m loving Rage, a pretty rose shade because it’s a soft and delicate hue that’s roughed up with a metalhead finish. It’s the perfect combination of pretty and gritty.

What do you think of the metallic nails trend?

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