• Ever surprised to see that almost everything you own says Made In China or Japan? Well sadly, most beauty products aren't made in the U.S., either. We've compiled a list of our favorite Made In America beauty loot to inspire you to be patriotic while scrubbing, spritzing or relaxing with an at-home manicure. Jonathan is one of the best at-home styling lines that provides salon-like results while also boasting 100 percent vegan ingredients. Product to Try: Green Routine Dry Shampoo ($19, Jonathanproduct.com). Top 10 Celebrity Medium Hairstyles
  • Founded in 1996, this American company focuses on fostering beauty and health. Our favorite product is Philosophy Kiss of Hope pink tinted lip treatment spf 15 ($16, Philosophy.com) that moisturizes, protects and gives the perfect hint of color. Best Beauty Dupes
    Photo: Courtesy of Philosophy
  • Bayberry Naturals is a new company created by mom Nancy Liddell, who wanted non-toxic products for her daughters. What resulted were products that are natural, organic and some that are 100 percent vegan, such as the Lavendar Shea Sugar Body Scrub ($34, Beautysage.com). The 70-Year-Old Facial That Still Rocks
    Photo: Courtesy of Bayberry Naturals
  • Beecology is a family company based in Ohio. All of their products, including my favorite, the Beecology Hand & Body Cream ($12.99, Beecology.com), is made out of honey and beeswax from their farm. Another bonus: All of their products are sulfate and paraben-free. How To Go Bare...Everywhere
    Photo: Courtesy of Beecology
  • Kiss My Face originated in the Hudson Valley, just north of New York City on a 200 acre farm. Thirty years later, the natural products, including their Peace Soap ($8.99, Kissmyface.com), are sold in 19 countries. Best Summer Beauty Bargain Buys
    Photo: Courtesy of Kiss My Face
  • American nail polish company Julep also prides itself in making their polishes in the U.S. of A. This July, they launched America Nail Vernis ($14, Julep.com), a glittery red polish with specks of blue and silver stars. So much better (and easier) than an overdone nail art American flag. Instagram Inspiration: Pastel Nails' Last Hoorah
    Photo: Courtesy of Julip
  • Known for their best of the best beauty tools, Tweezerman opened its doors in 1980 in Long Island, NY. The company's latest venture is a collaboration with designer Cynthia Rowley. This Mini Slant Tweezer ($15, Sephora.com) and the rest of the collection will be available on July 19th. The Four Biggest Eyebrow Myths, Debunked
    Photo: Courtesy of Tweezerman


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