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Kristin Davis’ Fashion Fears

Kristin Davis worries she disappoints fans with her fashion because she is not always immaculately dressed like her <em>Sex and the City</em> alter-ego Charlotte York-Goldenblatt.

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis worries she disappoints fans with her off-screen fashion choices. The Sex and the City 2 actress–who plays the immaculately dressed Charlotte York-Goldenblatt–says followers of the TV series and movies always expect her to be in beautiful outfits and fully made-up but knows she sometimes doesn’t meet their expectations.

She said: “In my head, I have pictures with everyone whenever they ask. I’m always made up and I look great. I am warm and friendly to all our fans. That’s how I’d like to be and I don’t live up to that. Sometimes I look terrible and you can just see in the fans’ eyes. They’re like, ‘Oh no, what is she wearing?’ ”

However, Kristin says she doesn’t want to be pressured to look good all the time as it can take too much effort.

She said: “I have people to help me look good. I don’t want to change my life to the point where every morning, I get up and get fully made up to go out. It’s a bit of a struggle. I feel like I fall short.”

One of Kristin’s favorite designers at the moment is Monique Lhuillier as she designs clothes to flatter Kristin’s figure. She said: “Her dresses have an old-fashioned feel which I love. I love her.”

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