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Katy Perry’s Dangerous Clothes

Katy Perry says the 16 costume changes she has for her California Dreams tour have left her with fashion bruises.

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Katy Perry feels like a “trussed up turkey” in her onstage outfits.

The pop star wore a total of 16 different costumes on her latest tour but admitted the constant changing is not at all glamorous and she is covered in bruises and jabs from safety pins.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper, “There’s a bar in my quick-change area that I just hang on to and they are ripping s**t off me, screaming and swearing, betting my side will be caught in my zipper. My knees are messed up with scars and bruises, so I’m wearing very thick granny stockings to hide all that. There are jabs from safety pins. There’s not a lot of room for modesty when the dressers are clawing at you and watching the clock to the second that I have to go back on. I’ve seen cooking shows where they are trussing up a turkey and that’s what I feel like–strings and bows and stitching up.”

Katy’s recent costumes include dresses made of cupcakes and wild feathers and candy-colored lingerie.

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