News: Kate Middleton Fired Her Hairdresser; Creepy Instagram Account Photoshops Strangers’ Selfies

Plus, how to make your lipstick last through a Thanksgiving feast.

Kate Middleton

Royal beauty drama! Kate Middleton has fired her hairdresser — and it’s not for the reason you think. [Beauty High]

Selfie posters, beware: apparently there’s an Instagram account that’s giving strangers unsolicited Photoshop makeovers. And the results are cringeworthy. [StyleCaster]

After reading this article, we’re immediately throwing out our shower loofah. [Huffington Post]

Yes, you can make your lipstick last through an entire Thanksgiving day feast — as long as you follow these makeup artist tips. []

A London salon is in trouble for charging a “fat tax” on waxing for anyone over a size 12. [SheFinds]

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