• Not all of us are fortunate enough to spend a summer surfing the waves. But that doesn't mean us city and country girls don't deserve to enjoy gorgeous beach waves (hair, that is) during the summer months. Join us as we get inspired with our favorite Instagram beachy hair pics.

    Get Sophia Bush's Sexy Beach Waves

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  • Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson could (and should!) be this generation's Farrah Fawcett for beach waves. The key to recreating that casual look is to start with a dry texture. Spray Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo ($25, Ulta.com) throughout hair. Wrap different size strands around a large-barrel curling iron. By mixing different sizes of waves, you will add dimension to your hairstyle.

    Try on Ashley Benson's looks in the Makeover Studio!

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  • Give your waves a little structure by pinning a small piece behind the ear with a bobby pin, as user inspo_photos did (at left). Apply sea salt spray, such as Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Salt Spray ($18, Drugstore.com), to get a light wave and a rough texture.

    Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat

    Photo: Instagram User: inspo_photos

  • Add a little volume, like mredddy, by creating a side part and then pulling a front strand up slightly. Pin with a bobby pin behind the ear. Apply Oribe Aprs Beach Wave And Shine Spray ($35, Bluemercury.com) at the root for a little more oomph.

    10 Sizzling Summer Hairstyles

    Photo: Instagram User: mredddy

  • At Daily Makeover, we believe a trip to the beach is not complete without a braid. Here, I created a waterfall braid on my roomie before we headed out to Manhattan's favorite beach, aka Central Park.

    How To Get The Waterfall Braid

    Photo: Instagram User: Daily Makeover

  • Don't have time for such an intricate braid? Do a quick LC braid in the front like user emahon11, pin and finish with a messy bun.

    Instagram Inspiration: Summer Ponytails

    Photo: Instagram User: emahon11

  • Give the messy bun a little makeover by twisting the sides and folding into the bun, like user _passion_4_fashion. It's perfect for keeping your hair off your face and out of the sand.

    Get Rose Byrne's High Volume Bun

    Photo: Instagram User: _passion_4_fashion

  • Although we are envious of those curls, what we really love is that blend of color. Add the rainbow to your sea salt waves. But with the season half over, opt for a temporary dye, like Jerome Russell B Wild Temp'ry Hair Color Spray Lynx Pink ($5.99, Walgreens.com).

    Get Kate Moss's Pink Extensions

    Photo: Instagram User: v_isfor_vogue


Instagram Inspiration: Beach-Worthy Hair


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