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Winged eyeliner looks great, but it can be hard to master on your own. Check out Carmindy's favorite tips and tools for achieving the perfect cat eye!

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So many women ask me how to wing their eyeliner when creating a sultry cat eye. It may seem daunting, but it’s much easier than you think. I have a few tips and tools that will help you create the ultimate winged eyeliner look.

The first step is to create a nice base so the liner has something to adhere to. Cover the eyelid area with a small bit of foundation and a light dusting of powder for a texture that will help this look last. To create a softer look and have an easier time drawing on a wing, use a pencil, as it is easier to apply than liquid when it is sharpened to a fine point. Start by drawing along the upper lash line, and when you get to the outer corner of the eye, use your ring finger to gently pull the skin around your eye taut. Move the pencil slightly so the line goes up and out.

If you want a stronger look, trace over this stenciled pencil line with a liquid liner. If you make a mistake, simply grab a fine-tipped concealer brush and dip it into a little foundation or concealer and clean up around the wing to make it perfect. If you are pretty good with the liquid liner but always seem to ruin the wing, try my new favorite liner pens from HourGlass. One is called Calligraphy for drawing on a nice strong line along the upper lashes and the other is called Script, which is a very fine point you can use to draw the wing on with much more control. Apply small little connecting dashes up and out for more precision. Be patient and know that with these two liquid liner pens it will be so easy to get Catty!

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