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The Too-Tan Awards

Carmindy suggests alternative bronzing ideas for too-tan celebs.

When are women going to realize that being overly tan does not give you a healthy sexy glow but rather makes you look like you’re a little dirty and can also make you look much older?

Case in point…Penelope Cruz, Toni Collette and Fergie at the Golden Globes.

Now, I am not one to ever dis celebrities. In fact I never talk about them at all, but I just want to say that these women are all incredible beauties. They just got sprayed a little too hard before walking the red carpet. A nice and light all-over glow is one thing, but these ladies were orange. It just looks weird and makes you appear years older than you are. They all seemed a bit aged next to their paler counterparts and it’s only because of the depth of their tan.


The right way to get a little color is to choose a spray tan or self tanner that is only one shade deeper then your natural skin tone not ten times deeper. Going light will look a lot more natural and keep your skin appearing healthy not cooked. A natural powder bronzer applied to the face is also a good way to get a subtle glow. Use Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Sun Powder Bronzer in Spring if you’re fair to medium and Summer if you are darker. Simply sweep it at the temples, along the sides of the face and under the cheekbones and follow with a pop of bright blush at the apples.

Embrace your natural coloring and play it up softly with a bronze vibe and you will stay looking young fresh and beautiful.

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