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DIY Diva: The Strawberry And Sugar Lip Scrub

Get kissable lips with this sweet treatment that combines two of my favorite things: sugar and DIY!

lips skin care strawberries DIY Diva: The Strawberry And Sugar Lip Scrub

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Sugar is a wonderful thing. Not only is it sweet and delicious, it’s also an amazingly effective beauty aid. Check out this tip I learned from the team over at Sally Hansen. It’s a fun new DIY recipe that I just had to share with you guys. This little concoction makes your lips feel unbelievably soft and smooth and, as a bonus, tastes amazing if you just happen to sneak a lick. Easy, sweet and effective; just how I like my at-home treatments!

You’ll need:
2 large strawberries
1tbsp of sugar
1 Q-Tip

Crush the strawberries up until mushy, then mash in the sugar and thoroughly blend them together into a paste. Dab the Q-Tip in the mixture and rub onto lips in a circular motion. Rub off mixture with a tissue lick it off and enjoy the yummy treat.

The acids from the fruit combined with the rough grains of the sugar help exfoliate dead skin cells off your lips, leaving them feel smooth, soft and slightly sweet. It’s like strawberry shortcake for your pout!

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