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How To Make Your Fake-N-Bake Last

Check out my tips on how to make your faux glow last all summer long!

This spring and summer we should all be fakin’ the bake and should use self tanner instead of the real sun for some sexy color. A subtle glow on the skin can make you look healthy and beautiful, but remember to go easy and don’t over do it with really dark tints. To make your self tanner last there are a few easy steps to ensure it stays put so you don’t need to reapply constantly.

First off, if you use a facial self tanner, skip applying creams that contain glycolic acid (fruit acids) of any kind or fading creams. These types of creams will cause the tan on your face to lighten and totally reverse your perfectly bronzed look. Instead, just use a good moisturizing cream and a sunscreen to keep the face looking soft, supple and summery but also protected. You would be amazed at how many women believe that a base tan, even a fake one, means you don’t need sunscreen. Wrong. When it comes to your body forget about scrubs while you rock the fake tan, as they will also scrub off your freshly applied tan along with the dead and dry skin.

The best way to keep your tan going is to apply body oil to the skin while you are still in the shower. This will really lock in the hydration and when you step out of the shower and towel off, your bronzed body will look moist and rich. Add another layer of moisturizer with shimmer to the body right after the shower to kick it up a notch and get the gleam that looks gorgeous at night.

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