The Nasties

Got a horrendous hickey? Creepy cold sore? Carmindy teaches you the art of camouflage. No fatigues necessary.

I usually offer you lovely ladies up a bevy of tried and true tips and tricks on how to look positively beautiful and in my new book, Crazy Busy Beautiful, I continue to do just that. But what should you do when nasty things that are not so beautiful pop up unexpectedly? In my new book I also share secrets on how to hide or deal with these unsightly situations we all get from time to time.

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One problem some of have from time to time is the dreaded hangover. A happy hour with girlfriends that turned into an all-nighter can happen and when it does, you wake up exhausted, dehydrated, red-eyed and feeling no-so-fresh. There is a few easy steps to look well rested and sobered up in a flash. As soon as you wake up start chugging water to re-hydrate and end the puffiness. Next, step into a cold shower to wake up the system and then when your out apply my Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Luminizing Face Primer to give your skin back it’s lost radiance. Now highlight the eyes with a little white shimmer on the inner corners and under the brows then sweep of navy blue mascara and your eyes will look wide-awake. A pop of pink on the apples of the cheeks and a slick of pink on your lips will erase any look of late night antics.

Creepy cold sores happen to many of us and usually at the worst times possible! The right way to conceal an outbreak is to use disposable sponges and Q-tips to lightly cover the spot with foundation, concealer and a light hint of powder then toss the tools so you won’t spread the infection.

Now I know many of you are good girls and not out there getting hickies but for the bad girls club there are a few tricks to rid yourself of the evidence. After receiving this badge of badness try rolling a lipstick tube over the area. This will dissipate the blood under the skin allowing it to vanish quicker. Another tip is to stick a metal spoon in the freezer and then lay the cold utensil on the bruise to calm it down. Try my Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Fast Fix Concealers to hide the mark when turtle neck sweaters are out of the question.

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