How to Get Thick Hair

...Or at the very least fake it.

Selena Gomez keep hair looking thick with long layers.

Selena Gomez keep hair looking thick with long layers.

Many people complain that they have fine hair, but according to hairstylist Nunzio Saviano, many of these people are wrong. “As a hairdresser, I can count the clients who have had fine hair.” According to Saviano, people look at the ends of their hair to define their thickness level when they should be looking at their scalp. Still, if you want to amp up your hair’s fullness, try these tips:

1. Take a look at your diet.
Thinning hair can be a symptom of a deficiency in vitamins. Saviano suggests supplementing your normal diet with vitamins like Biotin or Viviscal, which help to make hair stronger.

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2. Use volumizing products.
The next best thing to growing thick hair is faking it. Saviano suggests volumizing gels and mousses as a way of plumping up the look of your hair. Just apply these products to damp hair before blowing out.

3. Get the right cut.
A proper haircut can change the entire look of your hair. If you want hair to look thicker, Saviano suggests long layers and a blunt cut (“No razors, no thinning.”)

4. Shorter is better.
Another way to give the illusion of thick hair is to cut it slightly shorter than you originally wanted. By going just a tad shorter, you can actually make hair look thicker.

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