How to Get Rid of Tan Lines: 5 All-Natural Methods That Work

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Photo: Getty Images

With fall a mere few weeks away, there’s only one thing that stands to remind you of your amazing summer—tan lines. If you want to know how to get rid of tan lines, look no further than your kitchen. It’s chock-full of foods that double as tan-line eliminators.

Lemon Juice
The natural exfoliant is perfect for ridding your skin of obvious lines, but don’t use it alone (it could potentially burn your skin). Mix equal parts honey and lemon juice and leave on your tan lines for 25 minutes before washing off.

The natural moisture and vitamin C in cucumbers is perfect for the skin. Cut a cucumber into slices, puree it into a paste, and then leave on the affected areas for 20 minutes before washing off.

Just as a potato can heal a burn, it can also help with tan lines. Slice a raw potato and place the slice where needed. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Baking Soda
Mix one cup of baking soda with a tablespoon of sugar and half a cup of water. You can use the scrub as an exfoliator in the shower.

Black Tea
If your tan line is more of a burn line, then this tip is extra useful. Make a cup of iced black tea, pour it into a spray bottle, and spritz yourself with it after a shower. Not only will it soothe the skin, but it will help fade those lines faster.

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