How to Camouflage a Cold Sore


We are in the dead of winter right now and it’s bitter out there! Many of us can suffer from unsightly cold sores, but you don’t need to hide your face with a giant scarf or pull on a ski mask. You can easily camouflage this nasty little visitor. First, stop applying your daily moisturizer on top of the problem area. Instead, moisturize it with a small amount of Abreva ointment. Use a disposable cotton swab to avoid spreading any germs. Even if the cold sore is a bit dried out and a scab has already formed, you still want to keep it moisturized so it will not look dry, flaky and scaly when you apply concealer on top of it.

Next, use a non-latex cosmetic sponge to apply your foundation over your entire face like you regularly do, but save the problem area for last. Use a stippling motion by lightly pushing the sponge into the skin. Toss the sponge into the trash when you are done.

Now use a new cotton swab to dab a creamy concealer directly on the spot. Make sure the concealer is not too light so you don’t wind up showcasing the cold sore, but rather disguising it. If you think the concealer looks too light, use a cotton swab to dab on a tiny bit of foundation on top of the concealer until the sore totally disappears.

Avoid using any heavy powder to set the spot, but instead use a super sheer loose powder like Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Truly Translucent Loose Powder or Mac Blot Powder.

Keep lip colors moist matte and natural so you don’t draw too much attention to your lip area and play up your eyes to distract attention. With this technique nobody will notice and you can face the freezing cold!

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