How Often Should You Get a Haircut? We Asked an Expert


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Q: Do I really need to get a haircut every few months?

A: We’ve always heard the golden rule that you should trim hair every 6-8 weeks. But is it really that cut and dry? “I think it really depends on the health of your hair,” says Aveda Global Artistic Director of Styling Allen Ruiz. “I’d say if your hair is in pretty good condition — you don’t color it or use excessive heat styling tools — you can go from 4-8 weeks in between cuts.”

The length of hair is a deciding factor on when you should schedule your trim. “Hair that is collar bone and shorter should have a trim [every] 4-6 weeks. Hair that is collar bone and longer should have a trim [every] 6-8 weeks. Anything longer on both risks having to sacrifice length due to timing.” The takeaway: get trims more often to prevent split ends. Once the breakage has spread up the hair shaft, you have no choice but to cut it off — and that means losing length.

If you use chemicals on your hair — i.e. any relaxers, coloring or bleaching — you may need to head to the salon even sooner. “Your ends are going to be more distressed and frayed, and you will most likely need to come in for a cut every 4-6 weeks to avoid having hair that looks like it’s ‘fried.’”

Want to save some time and money? “Using the right hair care products can also play a big role in the health of your hair,” Ruiz says. “By investing in good hair care products upfront, you can actually end up saving on haircuts because you won’t have to get them as often.” Always apply a heat protectant spray, such as Aveda Brilliant Damage Control ($17,, before using a hair dryer or hot tools. This formula also protects against UV damage so hair won’t get so fried from the sun. And don’t forget to add a weekly mask treatment to deep condition strands. We recommend Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment ($42, because it doesn’t weigh fine hair down and leaves locks super soft.

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