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Homemade Summer Skin Soothers

Carmindy is sharing some of her favorite homemade skin soothers!

ss girlatbeach Homemade Summer Skin SoothersThis summer I had the fortunate pleasure of sharing a beach house with my good friend Soa Davies, owner of Salt Hospitality. She is a food/restaurant consultant and an amazing chef in her own right, so we definitely ate like queens! We decided to pool our resources to address things like sunburns, surfboard scrapes, cold sores, chapped lips and all other kinds of nasties that popped up over the summer and create homemade, food-based remedies for our skin. Here are some of our favorite creations:

Bad Sunburns
A cool bath with oatmeal, baking soda and a sprinkling of fresh mint will soothe angry red skin and leave you feeling cool and fresh.

A surfboard mishap left my chin scraped and scabbed one weekend, and with a BBQ coming up, I had to heal it quickly. Soa whipped up a paste blending shredded fresh cucumber, whole fat yogurt, olive oil and a dollop of aloe vera for a quick-fix heal that eliminated the scab in two days.

Cold Sores
A nasty cold sore on the lip is no match for a crazy mix of milk, aloe, crushed Lysine tablets and oatmeal. In fact, the sore never got bigger then a freckle!

Chapped Skin
After a few deep sea fishing trips, wind, salt water and heat left my lips chapped and dry, so a blend of olive oil, beeswax, honey, vitamin E oil (squeezed from a capsule), and a chunk of my favorite red lipstick made the perfect rose tinted lip balm. We put this mixture in little tins and played with various organic fragrant oils and lip colors for some lip-tastic fun.

Will you be trying any of these recipes?

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