• Skip the complicated snowmen and elf designs, and instead try a chic take on the holiday nail art. Flip through to see our favorite looks.

    Start with a smooth glittery gold polish and use a nail polish pen to draw green "ribbon" for a pretty present design.

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  • Santa's suit has never been simpler. After painting the nails a rich red and allowing them to dry, use tape to section off part of the nail for the belt and paint it in black. Then use a glitter silver pen to draw the buckle. 

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  • Dress up French tips by opting for a Christmas red and silver tips. 

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  • Paint the nails a pretty jade and bedazzle one accent nail with either gold nail studs, or better yet, a nail sticker. 

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  • Still can't seem to perfect the Christmas light nail tutorials? Us either. Instead, try nail decals like the ones at left. 

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  • Can't let go of the ugly holiday sweater tradition? Try wearing it on your nails instead.

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  • Add half moons to a traditional red by placing reinforcement stickers at the top of the nail to create the shape. 

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  • Not expecting a Tiffany's box under your tree this year? Give your nails a little blue box love instead. 

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  • Paint nails with a sparkly white polish to create a 'snow fallen' look. 

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  • Skip the candy cane design and go simpler with red and green polka dots you can create with nail polish pens. 

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  • Add glitter to the tips of nails for a faux French nail feel. 

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  • Create this diamond-esque design with white nail polish and gold sequins on top. 

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  • To add glitter on top of polish, make sure the red is completely dry first to avoid streaking. 

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  • Our New Year's go-to: turquoise with rainbow sparkles. Perfect with an LBD. 

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  • We love this red and green glitter that subtly falls down the beige nail. 

    Pinned by Susan Maddigan via glitterandnails.blogspot.com

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15 Holiday Nail Art Ideas from Pinterest


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